Why choose SiteWizard's SEO service?

  • SiteWizard was formed in 1996. People have trusted us to look after their internet services since the internet started!
  • We've won local awards and the National Business Awards for our affordable but exceptional services.
  • Proven results. Our SEO service works.
  • Return on investment. Our SEO service is great value for money and delivers more business than you would expect from any other form of advertising that we know of.
  • Dedicated Account Manager. You'll be assigned a friendly, knowledgeable and professional account manager who will "hold your hand" through the entire process, allowing you to concentrate on your growing business, while we concentrate on driving more traffic (visitors) to your website.

Why should I do this now, rather than later?

Most traditional advertising has a hard sell. "Buy it now at this price or you'll never get another chance like it"... until next month. SEO is different and it really does matter how quickly you get started. The sooner you get started the better and let us explain why...

There is an "optimum rate" at which we will promote your site. This "optimum rate" differs from industry to industry and site to site, but once we've calculated and started giving Google what it "likes" to see, your site will start climbing up Google Mountain towards the top for the phrases we're optimising for (and don't forget those long tail results!). The complicated part is that your site will be passing sites on the way up - because those sites are not being promoted at the optimal rate. Google sees your site as being a far more relevant result than it was before, as lots of other sites are linking to yours in a natural and organic way (such as blogs, forums, video sites, social media sites etc.). You'll be moving up because we will be adding these links in a very natural way at the optimal rate (you can be heavily penalised for adding too many, too fast as this looks like you are "cheating" Google, and they won't like that). Nobody else can come from behind you for these phrases because even if they are adding links at the optimal rate too, you had a head start. They can't "overtake you" because giving a huge burst of links can get them penalised, so they have to be content with always being behind you. That's right. Permanently. Forever. The people that start SEO now can stay in the lead indefinitely as long as they keep promoting their website at Googles "optimal rate".

Get in fast and block your competitors

With this knowledge in hand, it first makes you realise that you need to act now and start an SEO campaign of some kind, but it also makes you realise that not only will you be promoting your business for these important keyword phrases but you'll also be blocking your competitors by keeping them below you in Google. This practice is perfectly legal and completely ethical as you are only focussing on promoting your business. Your competitors being left behind is simply an added benefit to the way SEO works.

... and finally ... our great price!

Our SEO prices are extremely competitive. A good solid SEO campaign is a highly technical package that takes many hours per week for our SEO experts to carry out. Not only are our prices competitive within the SEO market (there are a LOT of SEO companies out there taking the money and failing to deliver) but we are also extremely competitive in comparison to conventional advertising.

Find out what we can achieve for your business

For a FREE competitor analysis call us today on 01622 200045 or email us from our contact us page.

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